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Born in Jerusalem in 1952, a graduate of Hilwan University in Egypt with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts in 1977, and with a career that spans over 40 years of painting and teaching, Taleb Dweik is indeed one of the most established Palestinian and Arab artists alive. In fact not only is he one of the most respected painters in the Palestinian territory, but he is an active artist and educator who is the President of the League of Palestinian Artists and the former Dean of Arts at the University of Jerusalem. He has exhibited in countless prestigious international exhibitions in major cities around the world including: Tokyo, Cairo, Madrid, Bonn, Washington, Toronto, Sharjah, Dubai, Amman, Jerusalem and many more. His collection adorns the houses, palaces and offices of many avid collectors around the world. Despite the fact that Dweik lives in Jerusalem, a city that is the pinnacle of tension and indeed violence, his paintings are so vibrant with their colors and full of life and joy. It is as if he uses his wild artistic imagination and inner child to project an image of Jerusalem that is not only peaceful, but is also full of bliss—how things ought to be, not how things are. In this, he provides an emblematic example of Picasso’s statement that there are two kinds of artists: one who paints the sun as a little bright spot, and another, who is able with his artistic talent to transform a little bright spot into the sun.

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