• Abed Abdi

    Abed Abdi

    Abed Abdi is a Palestinian visual artist, born in 1942 in Haifa. He is celebrating 52 years of artistic creativity, during the time of which he has been exploring the visual arts from a variety of angels, ranging from graphic art and illustrations, to colorful paintings, murals, monuments and environmental sculptures. 

  • Ahmad Al-Heshosh

    Ahmad Al-Heshosh

    Ahmad Al-Heshosh, Arab Jordanian, Sculptor, Designer and Artist

  • Ali Tayeh

    Ali Tayeh

    Ali Tayeh, Arab Palestinian Visual Artist.

  • Amjad Sabra

    Amjad Sabra

    Amjad Sabra Arab Palestinian Fine Art painter and art lecturer

  • Aza Shaikh Ahmad
  • Duaa Qishta

    Duaa Qishta

    Duaa Qishta, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, painter

  • Ebtehal Fahd

    Ebtehal Fahd

    Ebtehal Fahd

  • Elias Akleh
  • Fawaz Saleh

    Fawaz Saleh

    Fawaz Saleh, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, painter

  • Fayez Elhasani

    Fayez Elhasani

    Fayez Elhasani, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, Artist, painter

  • Ghadeer Hamoodah
  • Hajar Bofatat
  • Hanadi Bader

    Hanadi Bader

    Hanadi Bader, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, Artist, painter

  • Ibrahim Al Awadi
  • Iman Younes

    Iman Younes

    فنانة تشكيلية مواليد سنة 1988 درست في كلية الفنون الجميلة – جامعة الأقصى 

    شاركت في العديد من المعارض الفنية المختلفة منها لون من هذا العالم والشباب يصنع السلام والعديد من المعارض المحلية المشتركه والمشاركة في فعاليات ومبادرات فنية عملت كمساعد معلم - قسم التصميم الجرافيكي - كلية التدريب غزة تمارس الفن الى جانب عملها في مجال الفنون مع الاطفال لدى مؤسسة تامر للتعليم المجتمعي

  • Isam Mekhamer

    Isam Mekhamer

    Isam Mekhamer, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, Artist, painter

  • Issa Qawasmi

    Issa Qawasmi

    Issa Qawasmi, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, Artist, Photography, Narrator, Palestine

  • Jihad Al-Ghoul

    Jihad Al-Ghoul

    Jihad Al-Ghoul, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, Artist, painter, Palestine

  • Khaled Hosen
  • Khalifa Bradai
  • Khalil G. Saadeh

    Khalil G. Saadeh

    Khalil G. Saadeh, a Palestinian Artist from the Holy Land, he was born on the 5th of June 1950, in the city of Bethlehem. He went to the Latin Patriarchate School in Beit Jala where he lives till this day. He’s a descendant of a family of artists, as his late father George Saadeh was a well known artist and a graduate of the “College of Fine Arts” in Egypt therefore was taken as his art mentor. So art was planted in him since childhood, and when he reached young adulthood he began his career working in the art of Sculpture, working with International artists, and creating artistic pieces of different themes and materials like Olive Wood, Stone, and Bronze. Some of his work can be found in local cities like Bethlehem (Bethlehem University, the statue of St. De La Salle) among others, and internationally in private owners’ residences like Switzerland and the United States

  • Kholoud Odeh

    Kholoud Odeh

    Kholoud Odeh, Arab Jordanian, Fine Art, Artist, painter, Jordan

  • Kifah Zaarer

    Kifah Zaarer

    1. Kifah Zaarer, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, Artist, Painter
  • Maher El Adaci

    Maher El Adaci

    Maher El Adaci, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, Artist, Painter

  • Maher Naji

    Maher Naji

    After his family fled from Northern Sawafer Village, Maher Naji was born in 1963 in Jabaliya Refugee Camp, where he finished his primary and secondary education.  He left for Russia in 1983 to join the Baron Stieglitz Art Academy in St. Petersburg and returned to Gaza in 1994 after receiving his PhD in Arabian Architecture.  During his stay in Russia, he participated in numerous exhibitions and since his return to Gaza he has continued to pursue his work as an artist, showing in various galleries.

  • Majed Shala
  • Mayada Masry

    Mayada Masry

    Mayada Masry, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, Artist, Painter

  • Mohamad Elfarra
  • Mohammad Elshareif

    Mohammad Elshareif

    Mohammad Elshareif, Pyrography Artist

  • Mohammad Turky

    Mohammad Turky

    Mohammad Turky, Arab Jordanian, Fine Art, Artist, Painter

  • Mohammed Alhaj

    Mohammed Alhaj

    Mohammed Alhaj, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, Artist, Painter

  • Naila Abu Shakra

    Naila Abu Shakra

    Naila Abu Shakra, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, Artist, Painter

  • Nisreen Abu Gazaleh

    Nisreen Abu Gazaleh

    Nisreen Abu Gazaleh, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, Artist, Painter

  • Nrmine Shaban

    Nrmine Shaban

    Nrmine Shaban, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, Artist, 3D Modeling Plastilina - Clay

  • Rania Amodi
  • Reham Amawi

    Reham Amawi

    Reham Amawi, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, Artist, Painter

  • Riham Isaac

    Riham Isaac

    Riham Isaac (1983) Beit Sahour-Bethlehem. A Performance Artist and an emerging theater director from Palestine. Since 2006 she has been working as an actor mainly in theater productions with both Palestinian and international theaters. In 2013, emerging from the bold and influential stage work, she got the chance to study art for the first time and got my MA degree in ‘Performance Making’ from Goldsmiths – University of London. She is engaged in many different art forms; painting, sound, dance, installation, and video and in my practice I embrace a wide range of those forms and merge them with my experience and passion for movement with the sense of being a choreographer of those mediums. Recently she has opened a new art Space in her hometown Beit-Sahour ‘Art Salon’ which is an open platform where artists and local community can meet, create art, have art workshops, and promote art to the local community.

  • Sameer Elhallaq
  • Shaimaa Haddad

    Shaimaa Haddad

    Shaimaa Haddad, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, Artist, Painter

  • Shehab Kawasmi

    Shehab Kawasmi

    Shehab was born on Chain Street in the Old City of Jerusalem and enrolled at the Artists’ House in Jerusalem at the age of 17. He also studied art in Austria and France. In 1984 he started a project to record images of the streets, alleys and landmarks of Jerusalem in past times. Using ancient photographs or prints, he takes us back in time to key sites and daily life in the Old City in an attempt to narrate and document a forgotten past. Shehab’s pictures stand out for their minute detail and his ability to use various shades of grey like a musical mosaic.

  • Shuruq Egbariah Sbihat
  • Suzan Jomaa

    Suzan Jomaa

    Suzan Jomaa, Arab Jordanian, Fine Art, Artist, Painter

  • Tahani Skaik

    Tahani Skaik

    Tahani Skaik, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, Artist, Painter.

  • Taleb Dweik

    Taleb Dweik

    Born in Jerusalem in 1952, a graduate of Hilwan University in Egypt with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts in 1977, and with a career that spans over 40 years of painting and teaching, Taleb Dweik is indeed one of the most established Palestinian and Arab artists alive. In fact not only is he one of the most respected painters in the Palestinian territory, but he is an active artist and educator who is the President of the League of Palestinian Artists and the former Dean of Arts at the University of Jerusalem. He has exhibited in countless prestigious international exhibitions in major cities around the world including: Tokyo, Cairo, Madrid, Bonn, Washington, Toronto, Sharjah, Dubai, Amman, Jerusalem and many more. His collection adorns the houses, palaces and offices of many avid collectors around the world. Despite the fact that Dweik lives in Jerusalem, a city that is the pinnacle of tension and indeed violence, his paintings are so vibrant with their colors and full of life and joy. It is as if he uses his wild artistic imagination and inner child to project an image of Jerusalem that is not only peaceful, but is also full of bliss—how things ought to be, not how things are. In this, he provides an emblematic example of Picasso’s statement that there are two kinds of artists: one who paints the sun as a little bright spot, and another, who is able with his artistic talent to transform a little bright spot into the sun.

  • Yousef Katalo

    Yousef Katalo

    Yousef Katalo, Arab Palestinian, Fine Art, Artist, Painter